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1. Gently wipe off any buildup on brows with warm water

using esthetic wipes provided by artist.

Repeat every hour for 6 hours

2. Wash brow area with Cetaphil twice a day.

Every morning/ evening. 


3. Cover brows with a thin layer of 

Aquaphor 3x a day using a cotton swab.

Apply ointment after face washes,

 before showering, before bed and 

as needed thru out the day to keep brows moisturized. 


Repeat steps 2 & 3 for three weeks or

until brows are completely healed. 

    For the first 10 days avoid:


  • Sweating/ Physical Activities/ Exercise

  • Sauna/ Steam/ Hot tubs/ Jacuzzi’s

  • Swimming

  • Sun Exposure/ Sun Tanning

  • Excessive amounts of alcohol 

  • Driving in open air vehicles

  • Smoking / Dust/ Airborne Debris

  • Touching, picking, peeling and scratching brows 

  • Makeup on/ around brow area

  • Botox

  • Any type of chemical or physical exfoliant

  • Spicy foods (increases sweat)

Once the healing process is completed don’t forget to book for touchup/ perfecting session to lock in results! 

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